Birthday Boy

Happy 30th Birthday Pat!!

I truly could not ask for a better partner in life and I feel so blessed to be married to such an incredible guy.  I cannot imagine my life without him, and am so thankful that it is his hand I hold on this journey.

It’s been 4 months and two days since Brienna was in our arms.   When I think back to that day, some of my favorite memories are of Pat and Brienna together.  He was such a natural; gentle, tender and just so enamored with his little girl.  Watching him hold her, rock her, bathe her, swaddle her (his swaddling skills were very impressive and far superior to mine!), cuddle her and love her simultaneously broke and melted my heart.  Seeing them together quite literally took my breath away …

Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy's Little Girl

Happy Birthday Pat … you are a great father, a wonderful husband and my best friend.  I love you.


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  1. Happy Birthday Pat!
    Billy and I always say that you and Laurie are two of the best people we know – it was great to see you both on Saturday we look forward to celebrating many more special occasions with you!

  2. That’s an incredible picture. It holds so much that is so dear to all of us; the essence of a father’s love shining through a precious moment captured forever. It exudes life. Thank you for sharing it, Laurie, and for your beautiful reflections on the greatest husband, friend, father, brother, and son there is.

  3. The three of you are such beautiful people. thank you for continuing to share amazing photos with us. And thank you for showing how adult 30 year-olds can be! xoxo

  4. Dear Laurie and Pat,
    This picture took my breath away…..The love and pride and sweet sorrow that I felt for you on the day of Brienna’s birth remains just as strong today. Thank you, Pat for sharing your birthday with us at my retirement party. Thank you, Laurie, for your presence, as well. Thanks to both of you for sharing your special moments with Brienna so beautifully with all of us….We hold the three of you in our hearts as always. Love, Mom and Dad

  5. Happy belated birthday Pat! The picture is so beautiful….you can feel the love for sweet Brienna. We are always thinking of you, Laurie and Pat, and marvel at your ability to share your grieving with so much heart and sincerity. In a day when our lives and time both go so fast, you remind us to stop for a moment and take a breath and enjoy the present. Love to all, Lynne and Steve and all the Macauleys.

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