Due Date #2

Well, here we are at May 28, our second due date.  Miss Toot has still not arrived, and doesn’t appear to be making any moves to do so!  She is apparently quite content in my belly, which is just fine with us.  She continues to dance away, and makes us laugh all the time with how forceful her little kicks are!  She puts on a show every night as we fall asleep … it’s incredible and gives us such joy to watch and feel!  At this point, it looks like Toot might end up being a June baby after all … certainly not what we expected, but the more time we have with her, the better!

We’re waiting on pins and needles to meet her and will keep you posted on her arrival … thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.  They are much appreciated!

Due Date

May 18, 2009 … it’s hard to believe that this day is actually here … it carries so much meaning for us, and always will.  We’ve been dreaming about this day since September 15 when we first found out we were pregnant … the fact that it is here both terrifies and amazes us.  When the two small words “trisomy 18” first became a reality, making it to this date didn’t seem possible.  But Miss Toot defied the odds, and the fact that we’ve been given 40 weeks with our precious little girl is a gift we will cherish forever.  We’re so anxious to meet her, and hoping and praying with everything we have that she gets to open her eyes, say hello to this world and meet the people that surround her with love each and every day.

Thank you again for thinking of us today; your comments, texts and emails were very much appreciated.   Toot is a lucky girl, and so are her parents …

Growth Spurt!

Much to our delight, we had another ultrasound with Miss Toot on Thursday!  We had requested one at our last appointment because we wanted to check on her growth and mostly because we wanted to see her.  Our doctor’s office was very gracious in granting our request, which made us quite happy!  I am happy to report that Miss Toot continues to grow!  She’s up to 4 lbs 5 oz, which is still incredibly small (less than the 3rd percentile on growth charts) but we are very proud of her nonetheless!  Per usual, she was dancing all over the place and continues to keep her feet tucked up inside my ribs 🙂  It’s amazing to see how big she gotten … she even has some hair on the back of her head!!

There’s still no telling when she’ll arrive, but we continue to hope and pray that she does so on her terms.  If she waits too long, our doctors prefer to induce, but as we’d like to avoid that, we’re going to ask for your prayers that she comes on her terms!!  We’ve let her call all the shots thus far and would like to continue to do so … it’s so hard to believe that May is here already!  We’re getting very anxious to meet our precious girl and are hoping and praying for even just a few minutes with her.  We would like to thank you again for all for your continued love, prayers and support.  It means the world to us and we tell Toot all the time how many people are rooting for her.  She’s the most special little girl and has already touched so many lives … we feel very blessed to be her parents.  We’ll do our best to keep you all updated over the next couple of weeks and thank you again for thinking of us!