Peter Joseph Marr

The munchkin has finally arrived!  Our son, Peter Joseph, was born last night April 26, 2011 at 8:38 PM.  He is 20 1/2 inches long and shocked us all (especially me!) by weighing 9 lbs 14 oz!!

Peter Joseph

Family Photo

The munchkin is named after his great-grandfathers; Pat’s grandfather, Peter Marr and my grandfather, Joseph Conroy.  We think it’s a good, strong name and hope he likes it as much as we do!  Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers and well wishes!  We are smitten with our little boy and will post more pictures (as well as his birth story) soon!

Has Anyone Seen the Stork??

We haven’t and are beginning to think it’s lost!  The munchkin is apparently quite content in his/her current home and is reminding me an awful lot of his/her older sister.  I can remember waiting for Toot and thinking that she was definitely our child – stubborn, and late for everything. Apparently, it runs in the family!  We’re only four days past due and we’re being as patient as we can be, but are definitely getting antsy to meet this baby! So if you see the stork, send it our way!

Happy Easter!