Eleven Month Update

Pete is eleven months old today!  I can hardly believe it.  He seems to have changed so much this month; he is quickly shedding his baby self and very much becoming a little boy.

Pete is such a happy baby.  He is just generally in a good mood, smiling and laughing all the time.  He is incredibly inquisitive and constantly on the lookout for new things.  I’m amazed at how much he seems to have learned in the last month.  He says quite a few new words and when he’s in the mood, he’ll try and repeat just about anything you say.  His newest words are Bailey (BAAAAAAAAley), what’s that (wazat) and baby (bAAAAAbee).  Yesterday morning, we were all lying in bed and Pete made a beeline for the picture of Brienna on my nightstand.  As he was climbing over me to get to it, he kept saying baby, baby.  It made me cry a little bit, but was also so adorable and so sweet.

Pete loves to clap, wave and give high fives.  He is a master crawler and moves very fast.  He doesn’t sit still and is into everything, which means that nothing is safe in our house! He is sweet, occasionally impish, smart and pretty darn adorable too; I marvel at him all day long.  I am so proud of him and fall more and more in love with him every day.  Pat and I are so blessed to be his parents.


The Art of Kissing

As I’ve mentioned, Pete loves to give sloppy baby kisses.  They are borderline creepy, because he stares so intently at you with his mouth open and tongue out, but they make me laugh and I love that when I ask for a kiss, I get one.  He treated his auntie Kristen to a kiss this weekend, which I happened to catch on film.  Without further ado, may I present The Art of Kissing by Peter J. Marr:

Despite his questionable technique (and disheveled look – he was exhausted), I think the kiss was a success because Kris smiled the entire time (as did I).  I hope my sweet boy maintains his enthusiasm for kissing (his family only!) for a long, long time to come.


Little Leprechaun

Here’s a few pictures of our little leprechaun on his dad’s special day.  Thanks to his grandmothers for providing him with the cute clothes!  The shirt on the left says “Mom’s Lucky Charm” and the shirt on the right says “Kiss Me I’m Irish” … I tried all day, but just couldn’t get a good shot of his face and the t-shirts.

Even his cute little baby feet got in on the action:

And last but not least, a picture of my view on a daily basis.  I just cannot get enough of that sweet little face looking at me …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


He’s Funny and He Knows It

Pete loves to be the center of attention.  He will repeatedly do things to get my attention or make me laugh.  Sometimes when he eats, he tilts his head side-to-side – I am not entirely sure why, but he wants you to mimic him.  It becomes this game that is pretty funny.  And he knows it.  He was doing it tonight and just cracking himself up before I even had the chance to mimic him:

I really don’t think he could get any cuter!