Blizzard of 2015

I have sooo many half written posts that I need to finish up, but figured there’s no time like the present to at least post something! The blizzard of 2015, aka Juno, dumped about two feet of snow on us … it’s a winter wonderland out there and the boys and Bailey loved playing in the snow.  I forgot how excited Bailey gets about snow, and it was fun watching her enjoy herself – and make us all laugh in the process!

Snow Bailey
Leaping through the snow – she makes the same face when she goes swimming

Pat spent most of yesterday digging us out. The boys loved watching him with the snowblower and the end result (of round one) was rather pretty – which is easy for me to say, since I didn’t spend all those hours making it look that way:


Pete, James and I had yesterday and today off, which was such a nice treat. We knew about the storm ahead of time, so we were appropriately stocked with firewood and beer milk, bread and all the ingredients to make cookies, and made the best of being snowbound. Pete loves the snow, and loves being outside, no matter the conditions or the temperature. The minute we stepped outside, he launched himself (face first) into the snow. I don’t think he expected it to be so deep, because when he stood up, he said “umm, Mama? Who turned out the lights?” You did Pete. You did:

Who turned out the lights?!
Who turned out the lights?!

Pete desperately wanted to play with his toys in the shed, and gave it his all trying to dig them out. He made decent progress before tuckering himself out, and then brushed off my car “because Dada didn’t really do a good enough job” (really, he did) and climbed snow mountains:
There was so much snow that if we dropped James, there’s a good chance we would have lost him! Luckily, that didn’t happen 🙂 The little guy loved the snow at first, and tried to eat it by the fistful, but quickly tired of not being able to do a whole lot. He sure did look adorable though:


All in all, I’d say our first blizzard as MA residents was a success!

James – Eleven Month Update

Somehow, James is eleven months old. How that is even possible is beyond me … he is growing up way too fast and I’m not even close to ready for him to officially move from baby to toddler. James is a pretty happy little guy. He is sweet and funny but also Mr. Mischief. Pat and I often look at each other with raised eyebrows because James is Trouble. He is into everything, and no matter how sternly you tell him NO, he looks at you and smiles or laughs and then proceeds to do whatever it is he’s not supposed to be doing. I think he knows his smile is the cutest ever and he uses it to it’s full advantage! James has 5 teeth (three on top, two on the bottom), scoots like a mad man, crawls when he wants to, pulls up on everything and free stands quite a bit. He’s taken 2-3 steps at a time with no assistance, so I imagine he’ll be walking soon! He loves Pete and wants to do everything Pete does at all times. He also loves Bailey, and has recently discovered that she’ll eat right out of his hand. It makes him laugh like crazy and it makes Bailey pretty happy too! James also loves the bath. A surefire way to get him happy or calm is to bring him in the bathroom. He tries to jump in the tub and would stay in for hours if we’d let him. He is scary fearless and I think he’s going to give us a run for our money this summer! 11 months!! #seemsimpossible