James – Six Month Update

James is six months old!  I have no idea how half a year has gone by already.  It’s frightening how fast the time goes. James had his six month check-up today; he weighed in at 17lbs. 6oz and 26″ tall! The doctor proclaimed him healthy and strong, music to my ears. James started eating solid food this weekend. He tried oatmeal, apples and sweet potatoes so far.  He doesn’t seem crazy about the sweet potatoes, but loved the apples!  James is such a happy baby now.  He had a very fussy few months, but now is all smiles and a pretty mellow guy.  James just started sleeping in his crib. We had tried a few times before, with little success.  But on Friday, we decided it was time.  And he did great! He fussed for 5 minutes, I went in to soothe him and then he just sucked on his little fingers, rolled over and fell asleep! He’s done great all weekend, so fingers crossed it is a trend that continues!

James babbles like crazy, drools like crazy and remains obsessed with Pete and Bailey.  He can sit on his own for short periods of time and then topples over, but is getting stronger every day.  He is very mobile and rolls all over the floor when he’s playing.  He tries to get up on all fours, so I think he’s pretty close to crawling!  We love our littlest man more than I ever thought possible.

Six months old today! Where does the time go?! #brothers #yelling #soloud