James – Ten Month Update

Ten months old already! If time could slow down just a bit, I’d be very grateful.  James is the best. He makes us smile, laugh (and shake our heads) every day. He is funny, impish, adorable and sweet and it’s hard to imagine our little family before he was in it.  Poor James woke up with conjunctivitis the other day, but thus far has been handling it like a pro. He still has just two teeth, but when we were at the pediatrician’s office, she said she was pretty sure James would be getting some top teeth for Christmas 🙂 James  still crawls and scoots all over the place but pulls up on any object(s) he can too. He remains a mischievous little guy, but it’s balanced by his adorable sweetness at the same time.

Ten months old! #daylate #again #lovethiskid

He and Pete are best buds (and I’m working on a Pete at three and a half post!) I don’t have much experience with the brothers relationship, so it’s been fun for me to watch them together. I think having two boys is the best. And they seem to think so too, because they LOVE each other. James wants to do everything Pete does, and Pete is so good with his little sidekick. Life is pretty good 🙂

two heads are better than one!
two heads are better than one 🙂