Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We kicked off summer with a trip to the Cape to visit Nana, Grampa and Auntie Liz this weekend. Pete loved exploring his new surroundings and playing with all sorts of new toys and tupperware – his current favorite toy!

On Sunday, we went to Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve’s house for a cookout.  All the Cundall clan was there which meant that Pete got to hang out with his cousin Gracie.  Grace is exactly two months older than Pete, so it was pretty cute watching them together!  The two of them have the bluest eyes and are just adorable.  We played for awhile and then went for a ride around Hyannis Harbor on Steve’s new boat.  It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun watching Pete experience his first boat ride.  He was a bit skeptical at first, but was smiling and dancing by the end of the ride:

Pete was doted on all afternoon and it was such a treat getting to see him loved on by his family.  He and Gracie made us smile and laugh all day.  And despite being awake long past bedtime, they were happy and content to just play and be adored.

After a much needed good night’s sleep, Pete got to play on his new swing at Nana and Grampa’s house.  He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, but very quickly figured out how fun it was!

We had such a great weekend, but it went by way too fast.  We didn’t even make it to the beach, so that’s on the agenda for next time.  We already can’t wait for our next visit!


Pat and I took Pete for his first haircut today.  It’s hard to believe he is old enough for one, but his mullet hair was getting a little bit out of control, so we decided it was time.

He was okay with things at first:

But then decided that perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all:

Luckily, there were animal crackers on hand and they made everything better:

Pete ultimately survived unscathed.  I was so nervous that I’d be devastated to see him without his curls, but he looks too cute to be that upset.  I miss them, and miss his baby look already.  But he is one handsome little boy!

And just when I think there’s no way he could be any cuter, somehow, he is.


Happy Mother’s Day!

We had a great day visting our mothers and grandmothers yesterday.  Pete was Mr. Charming (as usual) and made my day pretty close to perfect.

To Bana and Nana especially, thank you for your constant love and support.  We don’t know what we’d do without you in our lives and we love you both so much.  Seeing you with Pete over the last year and watching your love for him grow has been pretty amazing. He is lucky to be so adored and based on how excited he gets to see you both, I’d say the feeling is mutual!

One Year Update

I still can’t believe that we have a one-year old!  The little man had his checkup this week and did great.  He weighed in at 22 pounds 3 ounces and is 29.5 inches long.  That puts him right around the 50th percentile. Everyone at the office commented on how cute and happy he was (until he got shots).  I am always so proud of him!

Pete continues to change so fast.  He is talking up a storm and I love hearing his little voice. One of my favorite things is when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap and just sits in his crib talking and reading his books.  His voice is so sweet and he has full conversations with his toys and I just can’t get enough of it.  He says car (with a Boston accent) and when you ask him what sound a car makes, he says “vroom vroom”.  He also says thank you “gak goo” and wow.  When he’s in his high chair, crib or on the changing table, he loves to throw whatever is in his hand overboard and say “uh oh”.  Pete crawls up the stairs like a champ and knows to turn around and slide down the stairs on his belly.  He’s too smart.  He also knows that at this point, crawling is much faster than walking.  I’m excited for him to take his first solo steps … though I think he’s going to be one of those kids that goes from crawling right to running!

Pete loves to play on his new slide; he climbs up one side, and then turns around and slides down on his belly.  He says “weeee” the whole way down.

Pete also had a little birthday party.  He tasted a Hoodsie for the first time (and loved it) and was spoiled with love, attention and presents.  We had such a fun day, and were so excited to celebrate with the little man.

As always, we’re excited to see what’s in store for the little guy in the months to come!  Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of new pictures to post soon too!