James – Five Month Update

Our littlest man is already five months old! How that is possible, I do not know. James is a happy, cuddly, sweet little baby.  His smile lights up a room and his laugh is awesome.  His eyes are a deep, deep blue and they twinkle when he smiles and I love it. James rolls over, grabs at his toys, puts everything in his mouth that he can and is drooling like crazy – I think he is teething, poor guy. He babbles constantly and has this raspy little voice.  It sounds like he is roaring sometimes and it’s so cute! I think he is just about ready to sit up on his own; he is so strong and it seems like his little muscles are always flexed. His little arms and legs shake when he is excited about something too! James is obsessed with his brother and Bailey, and I love watching their interactions. James dislikes his crib and sleeping through the night, but we’ll get there eventually … I hope. For now, I’m trying to savor those late night cuddles, because I know they won’t last forever.  We love our little buddy so much and really can’t imagine life before him!

Five months old! #timeflies