Six Month Update

Our little man is six months old!!  I truly cannot believe it … he is growing up way too fast and time is passing way too quickly.  Pete is such a fun guy.  He smiles, laughs, babbles indiscriminately saying “ma-ma, da-da, ga-ga, ba-ba”, loves books and music, can crawl/scoot himself around on the floor – but only goes backwards, sits up by himself – for a short time before toppling over, loves to stand up and “walk” and is finally starting to sleep better at night (for the most part)!  He is sometimes shy, sometimes such a little ham and really makes me happier than I ever thought possible.

This picture captures Pete pretty much perfectly.  He is such a wiggle-worm and always on the move.  Most of this photo shoot was spent taking the blocks out of his mouth and putting them back on the floor, or trying to get his feet out of his month.

6 months

I wanted to get his onesie in the picture too, but couldn’t capture everything at once.  My cousins Beth and Katie made this for the munchkin and truer words were never spoken!

I heart Bailey

Here are some of the “outtakes” from our little photo shoot:

6 month collage

Every stage of Pete’s development thus far has been my favorite, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us this month.  First up will be the introduction of solid foods.  Hopefully I’ll have a video to post soon!

Pete’s latest stats: 16 lbs. 14 oz. and just about 26.5 inches!

Brienna’s Bench

We have been waiting a long time for Brienna’s memorial bench to be completed and it’s finally ready.  We struggled with how best to capture Brienna and ultimately decided that simplicity was best.

Brienna's Bench
Brienna’s name is flanked by a Celtic cross and a Celtic heart.  The Celtic heart was designed and drawn by my friend Beth and used throughout our wedding.  It seemed to be a perfect fit for the memorial, like a piece of us is that is always with her.  We love the end result.  And while we’re so happy that she finally has a place to call her own, we’re so incredibly sad that she needed one in the first place.  We miss her and love her more than ever.

Jumperoo & Pat’s Birthday

Pete is constantly trying to stand up and is always moving his legs, so we got him a new toy.  It’s a Jumperoo and he loves it.  I love watching him use it because it just makes him so happy:

Pete also helped celebrate Pat’s birthday this week!  We had a little birthday celebration on Sunday in honor of the big day on Tuesday.


Here are some other random pictures from the week!