Bathing Beauty

Pete LOVES his bath.  It took him awhile to adjust to being in the big tub, but now he’s all smiles and giggles and is just so incredibly adorable.  Pat was home tonight during bath time and snapped some great pictures:


bath collage

There’s not much better than that little face and those big blue eyes staring at you.  His cuteness just makes me melt!

Eight Month Update

Our little baby is eight months old.  His next checkup is at nine months so I don’t have many stats to report, but when he got his flu shot earlier this month, he weighed 18 pounds, 12 ounces!

Pete is such a happy guy.  He babbles all day long and it’s just so cute. When you ask him where the doggie is, he finds Bailey and his whole face lights up – he still has the biggest smiles for her.  Pete sits up and crawls, but standing up and trying to walk are still two of his favorite things.  He is such a determined kid and is so proud of himself when he achieves his goal. He’ll look up and when you smile and say “yay Pete”, he gets very excited. He loves when people clap for him and he loves to clap for himself too!

8 months

He is curious about everything and I love watching him learn. His favorite book is Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss and he laughs at all the funny noises.  He is quite a little ham and just the best natured baby.  We are very much in love!

I’ll post more pictures from Christmas soon!

On The Move

Pete has figured out how to crawl.  It’s more like a cross between crawling and the worm, but he is on the move … and nothing is safe!

It’s been about a week since he figured it out, and every day he gets better and better.  And faster.  He is so proud when he reaches his destination – it’s adorable!