A Happy Memory

Four years ago today, we found out we were going to be parents for the first time.  I remember like it was yesterday.  The anticipation, the hopefulness.  The overwhelming joy when I found out that we were indeed pregnant.  Running to the bookstore to buy books.  Anxiously awaiting Pat’s arrival from work so I could tell him the good news.  I wish I had a picture of myself that day to capture the joy, excitement and instant love I felt for our baby. I miss Brienna so much, but looking back on the unadulterated joy of that day makes me smile.  There is something magical about finding out you’re pregnant for the first time.  The happiness and excitement we felt on that day can never be replaced or taken away.  And I love that it’s unique to Brienna.

We took advantage of the great weather this afternoon and went to the beach.  Pat, Bailey and I walked that same beach countless times when I was pregnant with Brienna.  And today while we were there, butterflies were flitting around us the entire time (I couldn’t catch them on camera though).  It was like my whole little family was together.  And I loved it.

Pete’s 1st Red Sox Game

Pete went to his first Red Sox game on Sunday!  We met Nana, Grampa and Auntie Liz at Fenway and had so much fun.  Pete hadn’t napped all day, so I was a little worried about how he’d do, but he loved it and lasted almost 7 innings.  Since the Sox are terrible aren’t doing so great, it wasn’t crowded, which was perfect for us.  Pete was able to wander around a little bit without bothering too many people. He was so cute.  I think he was a little taken aback by all the clapping when we first got there, but then he got really into it. He clapped like crazy when Pedroioa hit a home run and he started dancing to all the player’s introduction songs.  He said “Go Sox!” a lot and got so excited a few times he could barely contain himself.

I love seeing things though Pete’s eyes.  He’s such a curious little guy and it is so awesome experiencing new things with him.  I’ve said it before, but Pat and I both marvel at him on a daily basis.  At the end of the day, we collapse on the couch and remark about how great a kid Pete is.  How he amazes us every single day.  How incredibly lucky we are to be his parents.   A daily comment from one of us is “our son is awesome”.  We may be slightly biased, but he really is just an awesome kid who we are so incredibly proud of and love so much.

UPDATE: Per request, smaller collages so the pictures are bigger 🙂






Wedding Weekend!

I can’t believe Kristen and Shay’s wedding was almost two weeks ago already!  It was such a perfect weekend and I am so sad that’s it over.  I’d been looking forward to it for so long and it always amazes me how quickly time flies by – especially when you’re having fun.  Kris planned an amazing weekend and was truly a beautiful bride:

Pete and his cousins Quinn, Reece and Lena were in the wedding too and did a great job. The plan was for the four kids to walk down the aisle together, but rehearsal didn’t go as planned.  Pete threw himself to the ground crying and decided it was just too much to handle. We didn’t have high hopes for the ceremony, but Pete was a great little ring bearer and made it (most of the way) down the aisle before finding his Nana!  Kris’s friends Stef and Gavan shared this video, and I cannot stop watching it.  You can’t tell that two seconds before Gavan started shooting, Pete had thrown himself to the ground, refusing to walk. But Quinn and Reece waited for him and by the look on his face, I’d say he was pretty proud of himself!  I was behind him crying, because I too was pretty darn proud.  He’s just so cute.

Pete was exhausted after his big job, and less than cooperative taking pictures. He missed most of the organized shots, but my mom got a few of my two favorite boys that I love!

It really is hard to believe that Kris’s big day is over.  We had so much fun with all our families together and I loved getting to watch Pete with his cousins.  He had a lot of fun with them and I hope he gets to see them again soon!

Congratulations Kristen and Seamus!!  We’re so excited for you guys and so happy that we were part of your big day!