James – Seven Month Update

Somehow, seven months has passed since we met this adorable little guy. James is the best. He’s happy, shy, funny, loud and just too cute. He’s up on all fours and rocks back and forth, so he is going to be crawling in no time, which should be very interesting! He sits independently and tries so hard to pull himself up, but just isn’t there yet.  James has one tooth on the bottom, and is getting a second.  He loves to eat (he is definitely a Conroy!) and has yet to find anything he doesn’t like.  He is into everything and is very easily distracted, particularly when he’s nursing and having his diaper changed.  He’s quite the wiggle worm.  He laughs out loud all the time, loves to look at himself in the mirror and still thinks Pete and Bailey are the best. Pete certainly is, but the jury’s out on Bailey 😉 James has done very well adjusting to school, and his teachers love him.  They asked me if he was “experimenting with volume” at home.  I laughed and said that he certainly was – he yells all.the.time and loves it if anyone yells back. He’s such a mimic and plays little games with us copying our movements.  He still loves to cuddle, and my favorite thing is to rock him and nurse him before bed.  He’s been doing very well sleeping through the night, but dislikes napping, which is a-okay with me. We love our little Jimbo so much!

7 months old today! #jimbo #love