Halloween 2012

I am writing this almost a month after Halloween, but I figured better late than never.  Pete was Cookie Monster for his second Halloween.  We celebrated over the weekend by going to Spooky Zoo at Roger Williams Park with the Farrells and Rocks.  The kids wore their costumes, got to see all the animals at the zoo and go trick-or-treating.

Pete had a love/hate relationship with his costume.  He would see it and ask to give it a hug, but the minute we tried to put it on, he would start crying and say “off, off” and  “all done, all done”.  He wouldn’t like it for a few minutes and then would settle out and be just fine. Our Halloween night adventures were very short-lived.

And then all is good again:

Pete’s grown quite a bit since his Yoda days last year:


Playing Catchup

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, so here (in more pictures than words) is what Pete’s been up to the last month or so!

Labor Day Weekend at the Cape with Nana Quinn:

Apple Picking 9/23/2012

Random pictures from around the house

We spent Columbus Day Weekend at the Cape and had so much fun. It was perfect fall weather and we spent much of Sunday at First Encounter Beach so Pete and Bailey could run around at low tide.

Pete loves having an audience and is never without a fan club when we’re at the Cape. It’s pretty adorable watching him with his Nana, Bumpa and “Izzie” and I know he misses them all when he’s back at home! Here’s my favorite picture from the weekend; I love watching these two together: