A Peek Into Heaven

Kristen shared this poem with us and I thought it so fitting, as it perfectly describes how we feel on a daily basis.

A Peek Into Heaven

Just one little peek into heaven,
Is all I’m asking for today.
I just want to know how she’s doing,
And heaven seems so far away.

Is she playing on the clouds with angels?
Is she laughing and running today?
Does she miss me?
I guess only she knows.
Oh why does heaven seem so far away?

If you just let me look for a moment,
To catch a glimpse of her sweet smiling face,
I promise I won’t try to take her,
I know, she’s in a better place.

Just one little peek into heaven,
Is all I’m asking for today.
I just want to know how she’s doing,
And heaven seems so far away…
-Callie Sanders Thornton

Brienna Marie – we know Heaven is a better place, but wish with all our hearts that you were here. We love you, we miss you and we long for you …

Love always,
Mom and Dad

10 thoughts on “A Peek Into Heaven”

  1. Laurie and Pat,
    What a poignant and touching poem. We hope that it’s message helps to heal the sadness in your hearts. We continue to keep you and our sweet grand daughter in daily thought and prayer.
    Mom and Dad Marr

  2. This is a gorgeous poem. Thank you for sharing it as we share in the sentiment of wanting that glimpse at heaven

  3. How I wish we could steal a peek at Brienna. I know she misses you both but I have no doubt she is as sweet and happy as ever and that she watches over us all everyday. Thank you, tiny angel.
    Love, Kris

  4. What an amazing poem. Laurie and Pat, I think of you very often and of Brienna whom we all wish we could’ve met. She is in a better place, but i know that doesn’t always make it any easier. Thinking of you and praying for you….


  5. How beautiful! I too wish I could catch a glimpse of Brienna in Heaven. I miss her each & every day. Laurie & Pat I wish you peace & healing. I love you both so much.
    All my love,

  6. My 11 weeks old son,Nathaniel passed away on 10 th O ct 2011.My husband Josh and I were looking for a poem to put on a folder for his memorial service and we saw this poem.I was so in love with this poem because it says exactly what I was wishing for .I wish that Heaven is just next door and we could visit our babies…God is good !!

  7. I love this poem. Today, marks the 22nd Anniversary of my son’s death. I will always miss him, and I would love to have just a peek into heaven. I pray for all the parents of angels, we have walked through fire.

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