Celebrating Two at the Zoo!

Pete and his favorite people hit up the zoo for his second birthday.  He was still feeling a little under the weather, but had been so excited for the zoo that I couldn’t disappoint him. He definitely wasn’t himself, but we all had fun anyway (until I got sick, then KK, then Birdie, then Liz, and finally Nana).  Apparently it was a very contagious bug and the gift that kept on giving – oops.  Everyone insisted it was worth the risk, but I still feel horrible!


Pete loves having all his family together (so do we!) so despite him not feeling 100%, we all had a great day. He was a tired little guy, but had just enough energy to eat cake and open presents and then promptly took a nap. Everyone that got sick is finally on the mend, and we’re very grateful that everyone loves Pete so much they still wanted to celebrate his birthday with him!  He’s a lucky little boy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Two at the Zoo!”

  1. Did you mean, “Apparently it was a very contagious bug and the gift that kept on giving – poops.” …?

    HA! Pete is the best, and I love celebrating him with all the family. He’s worth getting sick a million times over.

  2. Pete’s party was perfect! Watching him share his favorite places and animals at the zoo with all of his fans was definitely worth whatever was to follow ! 🙂
    Nan and Bump were happy to be part of Pete’s special celebration.

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