Blue Jeep!

Pete’s been asking for a blue Jeep since around the time he could talk. He wanted James to be a blue Jeep (or any blue truck for that matter) but has adjusted quite well to the fact that James is most certainly not a vehicle. While James was napping on the morning of Pete’s birthday, Pat asked him to come help do some yard work, but instead he found this:

Pete can be so serious and timid sometimes, and I love watching him let loose with his blue Jeep. He takes off as quickly as possible with this huge smile on his face and it makes me so happy to watch him enjoy something so much. Every day, he says “wow, I really cannot believe you guys got me my very own blue Jeep!” The novelty does not appear to worn off yet!


Pete is very responsible and follows the rules: he can only go fast on the grass (Pat removed the governor approximately 4 minutes after Pete took it for his first spin) and if James is a passenger, he has to go slowly. Experiencing the pure joy and happiness through Pete and James’s eyes is awesome. It’s one of those unanticipated perks of parenthood and I just love it … I think their smiles mean they do too!

Double Trouble

2 thoughts on “Blue Jeep!”

  1. Pete’s joy is contagious! Nan and Bump love watching him zoom all over his big back yard in his new blue jeep ! Those smiles on the two jeep passengers are just the best !☺

  2. Pete’s smiles speak volumes! I can’t wait to visit and watch him zoom around the backyard in his very own blue jeep. That picture of the boys sitting together in the jeep is like a flash forward to their teenage years….I hope time passes slowly!

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