The Doc Is In

Pete loves taking care of things, he always has … he takes care of his toys and always takes care of us if he thinks we’re not feeling well, but he always takes especially good care of his animals. For Christmas, Santa brought him a new doctor’s kit and a veterinarian’s outfit. He loves it and has spent countless hours being a doctor or vet and helping anyone and anything that needs it. Today, he decided to take care of Bailey, and she surprisingly let him! He listened to her heart with his stethoscope, gave her medicine to drink, gave her a shot and she even let him put a bandaid on her paw. I was very impressed with her patience and I absolutely loved watching him take such good care of and talk so sweetly to Miss B! image

3 thoughts on “The Doc Is In”

  1. Love this post,Laurie! Pete is such a caring little guy…maybe a career in medicine is in his future ? It’s great that Miss Bailey was such a willing patient….and James looks like the perfect little vet’s assistant !

  2. Why don’t you quit that nursing gig and be a writer full time? You have a gift. And I have a gift for picking names. I just read that Oscar is the 7th most popular name for boys in the UK. You missed your chance to be ahead of the trend when it hits the US. Keep posting!

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